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Host Videos Directly In Tevello


This SOP provides a high-level guide for uploading videos to courses in the Tevello platform, ensuring that the process is efficient and that the video content is optimized for student viewing.

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Upload Video
Manage Video Storage and Bandwidth

Upload video

Navigate to Course Content: Go to Coursesin the Tevello admin panel.

Select the specific course where you want to add a video.

Add or Select Lesson: Choose to upload the video to an existing lesson or create a new one.

Give it a descriptive title, such as Video Example.

Upload Video: Click the button to upload a new video, or select an existing one from previously uploaded content. You can also drag and drop a video file into the designated area.

Once the upload is complete, the system will optimize the video for streaming, creating multiple resolutions up to 4K.

Save Changes: Ensure you click Save after the video has been uploaded and optimized to secure the changes.

Preview Video: After saving, preview the video to check its presentation on the front end to ensure it meets quality standards for your customers.

Manage Video Storage and Bandwidth

Go to Settings.

Scroll to Video Hosting to view your usage of storage and bandwidth.

Your default account comes with 100 GB for storage and bandwidth.

click on Manage Videos for options to remove old videos, upload thumbnails, or adjust storage needs.

For any needs beyond the default storage and bandwidth, contact support to discuss upgrading or expanding resources.

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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