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How To Setup Notifications For New Lesson Comments


To enable email notifications for new comments under lessons in Shopify using automation.


Access Shopify Automations: Go to the Marketing section and then select Automations in your Shopify admin panel.

Click on Create Campaign

And then Create Custom Automation.

Name the Automation: At the top of the automation creation page, name your automation (e.g., "New Lesson Comment") Then select Tevello for the trigger

Then choose New Lesson Comment as the trigger event.

Define the Action: Click the plus (+) icon.

Followed by clicking Action.

Search for "Email" and select Send Internal Email to set up an email notification for yourself. This action will configure the system to send an email notification for every new comment.

Configure Email Details:
Enter your email address where notifications will be received.
Set the email subject, for example, "New Lesson Comment".
Compose the message body.


{{customer.displayName}} left a comment under {{lessonTitle}}

Please check it out here: {{lessonLink}}


You can include dynamic content like the customer's name. Utilize the Add Variable button to insert these dynamic elements.

Activate the Notification: Once the email content is set, click on Turn on Workflow, followed by Turn On to activate the automation.

To see how to preview the course, refer to the timestamp 2:22 in the video.


Ensure that the email address for receiving notifications is correct and active.
Regularly test the automation to confirm it's functioning as expected.
Customize the email content to fit your brand or specific information needs.
Review and update the automation periodically to ensure it aligns with any changes in your course structure or notification preferences.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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