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How To Create Bundles


To guide users on how to create bundled products in Shopify, allowing customers to purchase multiple courses together at a discounted or combined price.

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Create Bundle Product
Link Bundle to Courses

Create Bundle Product


Ensure each course (Course 1 and Course 2) is already linked to an individual product in Shopify.

Navigate to Products in Shopify

Select Add Product.

Name the product to reflect the bundle (e.g., 'Bundle Course 1 + Course 2').

Uncheck Track Quantity and This is a physical product since these are digital courses.

Save the new product.

Link Bundle to Courses

Go to Courses in your Tevello App.

Select the course where you want to add the bundle product.

Go to Course Settings

Then link it to the newly created bundle product by selecting Add Product and choosing the bundle.

Finalize and Save Ensure the bundle product is correctly linked to both courses. Save changes to confirm the bundle setup.

Repeat the process for Course 2, ensuring both courses are linked to the bundle product.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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