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How To Setup A Course As A Membership/Subscription Using Membership Enrollment Tags (Advanced)


This SOP guides on how to configure a course as a subscription or membership in Shopify using membership enrollment tags. The tags determine course access, with automatic access granted to members who possess these tags. This setup is ideal for a Netflix-style membership model, allowing continuous access to a wide range of courses under one subscription. The process involves using a third-party subscription app with active tag features to manage membership access efficiently. By following these steps, you can create a flexible and scalable subscription or membership model for your courses, enhancing user experience and simplifying course management.

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Tag Activation
Link Tags to the Tevello Course

Tag Activation

Enable Active Tags in Subscription App:
Access the subscription app settings (e.g., Seal) within Shopify. Click here to intsall Seal Subscription

Once you have installed Seal, Go to Settings

Navigate to General Settings.

And then to Customers to activate the tags feature.

Activate tag feature: Check the box to activate tag and then copy the active tag bellow.

Link Tag to the Tevello Course

In your Tevello App, go to Courses

Select the course you wish to put the tag.

Enter the Course Settings to add the tag.

Make sure that you already have the product linked

Click Add Tag to add the active subscription tag.

Paste the tag in the tag field then click enter. Once done click Save
Once set, members with the tagged profile will gain automatic access to the course, and losing the tag will revoke their access.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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