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How To Add A Buy Button Inside A Lesson


To guide users on integrating a buy button within their course lessons in Shopify, facilitating direct purchases from the lesson interface.

Table Of Content:

Install and Configure Buy Button
Adding the Buy Button in Tevello

Install and Configure Buy Button

Access Buy Button Channel
If you haven’t installed the Buy Button app yet, click here to donwload Buy Button Channel app
If already installed, go to Sales Channels and select Buy Button in your Shopify admin.

Click on Create a Buy Button

Choose whether to create a button for a single product or a collection. For this SOP, select Product.

5.Browse and select the product you want to link with the buy button, then click Select.

Customize the button's appearance, including layout (basic, classic, full view), action after click (e.g., add to cart, checkout), color, style, button text, and image size.

After customizing, click Next

Then Copy Code to copy the HTML code for the buy button.

Adding the Buy Button in Tevello

Navigate back to Tevello and then click Courses.

Go to the specific course where you want to add the buy button.

Select the Lesson where you want to add the Buy Button

Click on Add, select Add HTML

Paste the copied code into the HTML field then Save the changes to implement the buy button in the lesson.

Preview and Test. Preview the lesson to ensure the buy button appears correctly and functions as intended.
Go to timestamp 1:43 to see How to preview the buy button

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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