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How To Host Audios Directly In Your Shopify Account


Hosting and integrating audio files in your Shopify courses can enrich the learning experience for your members. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to upload audio files to Shopify and add them to a specific course lesson.

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Upload and Add Audio
Link Audio File to Course

Upload and Add Audio:

Upload the Audio File: In your Shopify admin dashboard, Under Content go to the Files

Click Upload Files and select the audio file you wish to use for your course.

Copy the File Link:
Once the upload is complete, the audio file will appear in your list of uploaded files.

Click Copy Link next to the file to copy the direct URL to your clipboard.

Link Audio File to Course

Navigate to Your Course: Go to the Courses section in your Tevello App.

Select the course where you want to add the audio file.

Select the Lesson: Within the course, navigate to the specific lesson to which you want to add the audio file and click to open the lesson’s editing options.

Add the Audio File to the Lesson: Click on Add, on the dropdown select Add Audio

Paste the Audio Link: In the audio configuration section, paste the link you copied from the Shopify files into the appropriate field to link the audio file with the lesson.

Save the Changes: Click Save to confirm the addition of the audio file to the lesson. The audio file should now be integrated and accessible within the lesson content.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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