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How To Void A Member's Access


To guide on how to revoke a member's access to a specific course or community in Shopify.

Double-check before revoking access to ensure that you are modifying the correct course or community for the intended member.
Once access is voided, the member will lose all entry rights to that specific course or community, which may affect their course progress or community participation.


Navigate to Members Section in your Tevello App

Select the Member from whom you wish to revoke access. For example, select "Jane Doe."

Locate the course or community you want to remove access from in the member’s profile.

Revoke Access: Click the Void Access button next to the relevant course or community.

Confirm the Action: A prompt will appear to confirm your action. Click Void Access again to finalize the revocation.

The status should change to Expired indicating that the member no longer has access to the course or community.

Updated on: 01/04/2024

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