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How To Add And Enroll A Member Manually


Adding members to your platform and granting them access to courses is a straightforward process. This guide will walk you through the steps to manually add a member and assign them to a specific course or community within your platform.

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Steps to Add a Member
Granting Course Access

Steps to Add a Member:

Login to your Shopify Admin account.

Under your Tevello App, go to the Members section found in the left sidebar menu.

Click the Add Member button to start the process of adding a new member.

Enter Member Details: First Name, Last Name and Email

Click Save

Granting Course Access:

Click on the Add/Extend Access button

Choose the course/communities you want to give the member access to. This will be from the list of all the courses you've set up on your platform.

Decide whether to grant unlimited access to the course or to set a limited access duration.

If you choose limited access, specify the number of days for which the access should be valid.

After selecting the course and setting the access duration, click Save to apply these settings. The member now has access to the selected course.

On the Lower right you will see what course/communities they have access to.


Updated on: 04/04/2024

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