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How To Set Up Notifications For New Community Posts To All Members (Klaviyo)


This SOP guides you on how to automate notifications for new community posts using Shopify Flow and Klaviyo, ensuring all members are informed about new content.

Table Of Content:

Setting Up Workflow
Fill in Campaign Details(#1-fill-in-campaign-details)
Additional Configuration for Personal Posts

Setting Up Workflow

Open Shopify Flow: Navigate to the Shopify Flow app within your Shopify admin.

Click on Create Workflow.

Click on Select a Trigger

Setup Workflow: Choose Tevello as the application then,

Select New Community Post as the trigger.

Click on the blue plus icon to add an action.

Configure Klaviyo Action: Select Klaviyo

And choose Create a Campaign.

Fill in the following details:

Fill in Campaign Details

API Key Configuration: Go to Klaviyo, click on the Information

open Settings

Navigate to API Keys.

Create a new private API key,

name it (e.g., "Shopify Flow"), and grant necessary permissions.

Copy the API key

And paste the API key into Shopify Flow.

List or Segment ID: In Klaviyo, go to "Audience" then "Lists & Segments".

Choose the target list

And copy the ID from the URL.

Paste this ID in Shopify Flow.

Template ID: In Klaviyo, navigate to "Content" and then "Templates".

10 Select and open the desired template,

Click Edit Template

Copy the ID from the URL,

Paste it back into Shopify Flow.

14 . Email Configuration: Enter the following details
Sender Email Address
Sender Name
Campaign name

IMPORTANT: Decide on enabling Smart Sending and UTM tracking as per your preference.

Activate Workflow: click Turn on Workflow

Ensure all settings are correctly configured and click Turn On to activate the workflow.

Additional Configuration for Personal Posts

Delete the link that connects to the previous Action

Click on the plus sign icon

Select Conditons

Then Add Criteria

Click on Customer then Email

Add your email address

Long press the + sign to Connect this condition to the campaign action.

Naming and Saving the Workflow: Name your workflow clearly (e.g., "New Community Post Notification").

Click Apply Change to save the setup.

Verify changes by clicking Apply

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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