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How To Duplicate A Lesson


This SOP outlines the process for duplicating lessons within a Shopify course efficiently. It enables easy content management and course expansion by simplifying the replication of lesson content. The procedure involves selecting the desired course, choosing the specific lesson for duplication, and executing the action through the course management interface. This SOP facilitates the reuse and adaptation of course materials, saving time and ensuring consistency across educational offerings.

Step By Step Process:

Go to Tevello Courses.

Select the course containing the lesson you want to duplicate.

Select the Lesson: Find and click on the specific lesson you wish to duplicate.

Duplicate the Lesson: Click on More Actions and then select Duplicate Lesson. This action will create a copy of the lesson within the same course.

Review the Duplicated Lesson: You will be redirected back to the course overview, where you can see the newly duplicated lesson alongside the original.

This process allows you to efficiently replicate and modify lesson content within your courses.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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