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How To Translate/Customize The Text Of The App


Customizing text and translations in your Shopify store allows you to tailor the language and terminology to fit your brand and audience's needs better. This guide will explain how to change specific text elements like "My Courses" to "My Workshops" and customize messages on the order confirmation page.

Steps to Customize Text:

Go to Tevello App Settings.

Find the Translate Section.

This area is organized into groups to help you find the text related to different parts of the app, such as courses, communities, and order statuses.
Choose the group that contains the text you want to customize. For example, to change course titles, select the Courses group.

Select the text element that you want to customized. For instance, you might change My Courses to My Workshop.

Customizing Order Confirmation Page Text

Edit Text Based on User Status:
You'll find different text options for users who already have an account and for those who need to activate their account or set a password.

Click Save to apply your changes. This will update the text throughout your app.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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