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How To Add the Tevello App Block To The New Thank You & Order Status pages


To guide users on how to add the Tel app block to the Thank You and Order Status pages in Shopify, enhancing post-purchase communication.


Access Checkout Settings: In your Shopify admin, click on Settings located at the bottom left corner.

Navigate to Checkout.

Open Checkout Editor: Click on Customize. This will open the new checkout editor interface.

Navigate to Thank You Page: Change the view to the Thank You page using the page selector.

Add Tel App Block: On the left panel, click on the section icon and scroll to the bottom.

Click on Add App Block

select Tevello from the list of available apps.

Customize Banner Status: You can customize the banner status by selecting options like 'Info', 'Success', 'Warning', or 'Critical'. For this guide, choose Success.

Repeat for Order Status Page:** Navigate to the Order Status page by selecting it from the page view options. Similarly, click on Add App Block select Tevello, and set the desired banner status.

Save Changes: After setting up the Tel app blocks on both the Thank You and Order Status pages, click Save to apply the changes.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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