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How To Set Up A Course For Sale


This SOP outlines the process of connecting a course to a product, enabling customers who purchase the product to gain access to the course content.

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Configuring Product
Link Your Course in Tevello

Configuring Product:

Head over to the Products section.

Select the product created for the course.
If you do not have any products yet, follow these steps on how to Add Products.

Since this is a digital product, uncheck Tracking and Shipping

Link Your Course in Tevello

Once your product is ready, go to the Tevello then click Courses section.

Select the course, you wish to add the product.

Click Course Settings

In the Auto Enrollment Products Section, click the Add Product link

Then link the product you just created then click Add

Product Access Duration: You'll see an option for access time. 'Unlimited Access' is great for a one-time purchase. If you're running a subscription or membership, you might opt for 'Limited Time Access' and specify the number of days.
You can also decide if you want to include all existing and future variants.

Hit Save to lock in all the details. Your course is now ready to sell.

To see how to preview the course, refer to the timestamp at 1:40.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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