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How To Create A Community


Guide on setting up a community within Shopify, offering a space for user interaction, discussions, and engagement.


In your Tevello App, navigate to Communities

Select Add Community to initiate the creation process.

Assign a Name and Description to your community. This is the only mandatory step at this stage.

Configure Other Features:
Access and Visibility
OpenAny account holder can view and access
PrivateVisible to all, but only enrolled members can access
SecretOnly enrolled members can view and access
HiddenInvisible in the main area but accessible via direct link to enrolled members

Other Features
Feature ImageUpload an image to represent the community.
TopicsAdd topics to organize discussions.
Product or Tag ConnectionLink the community to specific products or tags to grant access upon purchase or tag assignment.

Decide if the community should be anonymous, where participant names are hidden.

After configuring settings, click Save.

Use the Preview button to view the community from the front end.
Go back again to the newly created community

Click Preview to preview the community.
To see how to Preview the community go to timestamp 1:25


While in preview mode, posting and commenting are disabled. Ensure you view as a customer to fully test these features.
To View as Customer: Ensure that you have access to the community, then click View as Customer to participate in the community, post comments, and interact with other members.
Click the link on how to Gain Access to the Community

Updated on: 04/04/2024

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