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How To Set Up Notifications To Members When They Are Mentioned In Klaviyo


This SOP guides users on setting up automated notifications for members mentioned in community discussions or lesson comments, utilizing Shopify Flow and Klaviyo.

Table Of Content:

Setup Notification Workflow in Shopify
Set Up Klaviyo for Notification Delivery

Setup Notification Workflow in Shopify

Open Shopify Flow: Access the Shopify Flow application within your Shopify admin dashboard.

Create New Workflow: Click on Create a new workflow.

Select Member Mentioned as the trigger from the Tevello options.

Configure Workflow Actions: Click on the + icon then click action.

Choose Klaviyo from the available actions

And select Track an Event.

Enter Event Details:
* Input the Klaviyo Public API Key (found in Klaviyo under Settings > API Keys).
* Set the event name to "Tevello Mentioned".
* Configure the event properties to include necessary member details such as:
* Customer Email: {{}}
* First Name: {{customer.first_name}}
* Last Name: {{customer.last_name}}
* Customer Properties: ** Leave empty**
* Event Properties
  "type": "{{type}}",
  "lessonId": "{{lessonId}}",
  "lessonLink": "{{lessonLink}}",
  "lessonTitle": "{{lessonTitle}}",
  "communityId": "{{communityId}}",
  "communityLink": "{{communityLink}}",
  "communityTitle": "{{communityTitle}}",
  "content": "{{content}}"

Name your workflow, e.g., "Klaviyo Member Mentioned".

Activate the Workflow: Turn on the workflow to start tracking events.

Set Up Klaviyo for Notification Delivery

Go to Klaviyo and navigate to the Flows section.

Then select Build your Own

Create a Flow, add workflow name then click Create Flow

Click All Trigger then select Metric

Using the Tevello Mentioned event as a trigger.

Click Save

Click Confirm and Save

Configure the flow to send out notifications.

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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